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I've spent the last hour trying to purchase this... but my card keeps being declined, and you don't accept PayPal. I'm not sure whats going on, but my card keeps being declined, even after talking to the bank (additionally other purchases on the same card on go through, as well as other locations). You also don't have any community copies available. I'm disappointed, I really wanted to try this...

Sorry to hear that. You can also find the game on DriveThruRPG. Feel free to contact me if you encounter any problems there too. My email address can be found on my Linktree:

Thanks!  I found it on DriveThru!

Oi Gustavo! Tem alguma chance de eu adquirir em reais o jogo completo? Eu vi que tem o fastplay no Bazar Verde e aqui também.

E eu sou designer gráfico e tô divulgando alguns jogos de RPG no meu perfil de mestragem. Eu poderia divulgar o Little Town também? 


Opa! Me manda um e-mail. O endereço você encontra no meu Linktree ( ;-)

I just got the game (thank you!) and it looks like in the 1st edition english bundle, the move cards are in Portuguese

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Fixed! Thank you for pointing this out,  and thank you for your support ;-)

Thanks so much Gustavo! I'm excited to get into it :)

Hi Gustavo! What were the updates made? I printed these up a couple of weeks ago and am wondering if I need to do it again. 

Hi! No updates for the moment, just reuploading the files.


Review for Little Town is up on the Dungeon Dive!

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Thank you for your support, Daniel! This is really cool! \o/


Will this get any community copies? Looks so fun!


I will take a look into this later on.


cool, and no biggie! i hope to support it in the future. definitely up my alley!


Loving this game so much. Thank you for creating it. 
Part 1 of my Playthrough is up on the blog 


I'm really glad to hear you're loving the game, and thank you for sharing your playthrough. It's really cool how you mixed elements from the main game and Eldritch Town, and your blog is awesome! Started following it :-)

Thank you so much!


Just wanted to say I picked this game up because of your playthrough <3

wow thank you so much! I was just eyeballing it the other day to continue on the next leg of its journey on the blog so this has motivated me


Little Town was one of my favorite games last year.  I spent a good chunk of holiday break playing it. Every game was full of weird surprises.

Suggestions on difficulty adjustment are much appreciated - All of my playthroughs have been very heavy on the Danger.  If I ever see another Doppelganger it'll be too soon...

Glad to hear you enjoyed the game and that it was one of your favorites last year :-)


Going to release a series using this rulebook very soon. I love it, and just had to.  Finally,  a twin peaks inspired book. I might make some changes to suit my play, but I love how the game functions.

That's really nice! I'm glad to know that you liked the game, and I'm looking to see how your story will play ;-)


What happened to this video? I'd be interested in watching this actually played.