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A collection of 27 system-agnostic random tables to generate and populate a dungeon:

  • Dungeon Type
  • Construction Type
  • Construction Status
  • Dungeon Location
  • Dungeon Element
  • Corridor / Room Size
  • Room Shape
  • Room Special Shape
  • Corridor / Room Exits
  • Exit Type
  • Door Type
  • Door Material
  • Room Content
  • Corridor Content
  • Room Special Content
  • Furnished Room
  • Corridor Special Content
  • Atmosphere
  • Sounds
  • Dangers
  • Encounter
  • Number of Monsters
  • Monster Reaction
  • Treasure Type
  • Trap Type
  • Trap Trigger
  • Fountain Effect


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Seems like a nice group of tables for inspiration. Is there a mistake on the note for the Room Content table? It states "Roll 1d3 times on this table + once on the Atmosphere table" I assume it is supposed to be "roll 1d6 3 times..."

(3 edits)

Thank you for the feedback. Regarding your question, it's actually 1d3 because it gives you a range from 1 to 3 Contents + one Atmosphere. To roll 1d3, you just use a regular d6: 1-2 = 1; 3-4 = 2; 4-5 = 3.